lyttel homecomings

It's been over 2 weeks now since the Earthquake.
At times it feels like time has stopped still since the 22nd February.
But some things are moving forward and the two local schools reopen on Monday.
Families are steadily arriving back in town after having taken a break away from the aftershocks and the chaos.
We have had a steady stream of homecomers today at the coffee corner.
Families finding a way to reconnect with the community, catch up on news and gently find there way back.

It's a way of us looking after each other.
Rather than returning home and facing the mess and chaos of the 22nd alone, people are seeing us gathered on the corner as they head up the hill and pull over to see what's going on.
What a warm homecoming.
A handmade heart to gentle the fragile heart inside.

Thanks to those individuals and groups that have offered to either send supplies or make hearts for us. We are here for as long as it takes and visiting schools next week for those children who need a wee stitching project. Big love to your support.


  1. I think this is a fantastic project! I love the idea of the hearts being left to be found or passed around. Brilliant. I'm an artist with 2 kids doing correspondence school (former home ed'rs too) and think that you are teaching a wonderful lesson here. I'd love to help. Where do we post too?

  2. Thanks so much for your support. The project is surprisingly profound and healing and inspiring for all those involved. Could you email me on watchingkereru at gmail dot com and I will email you the address.
    Have a great week...we plan to!