Through the seasons

As we drive in the driveway, home from the trip to the Coast, the side pockets in the car are full of feathers, shells, flowers, a nest and sticks.
The girls head towards the house with their arms full of these found treasures, kick off their shoes and end up at the Season's table.
Sky wants to take care of the feathers; they are her current favourite. The softness and weight of a feather suits Sky's love for wings, wands and magic. The feathers are popped into a vase, a few on the cloth and Sky turns toward to the creative space, humming. She draws a family of fairies.
Ruby lingers longer at the table. Detail seems more important to her. Decisions around how to place each treasure can be fairly complex. In the end, the table is adorned and reflects back to us highlights of our trip away.

The Season's Table has always been a focal point in the homes we have had with children.
From the time Ruby was a baby, I began creating a space reserved for outdoor treasures and seasonal celebration. In the beginning I mostly determined what went on the table and how it was set up.
The space taught me to notice the beauty of the Season's more.
As Ruby began to walk, I would lead her past the table as we came in from outside.
It quickly became the space where she kept her treasures.
As Sky grew, she followed Ruby's lead.

Usually there is a basket of tools to invite further investigation if we wish. Always a magnifying glass and a pad and pencil. Identification books have sat there for years but have hardly ever been used. The girls just don't seem that interested in naming.

Our Christmas table is full of Summer beach trips and our Easter table is full of the harvest. When so much of the media still reflects these rituals with Northern Hemisphere seasons, the table is an authentic reflection of our place in the world.

We love this space.
It is a collaboration of all the members of the family.
A shifting expression of our relationship with the natural world.


  1. your seasons tables are just excellent. I still struggle with doing one...I seem to have a block with bringing the outside in. Must be my "mothers voice"...
    I hope I overcome it soon. Your post has definitely helped!

  2. Thanks Miranda.
    Messyfish, I found that by doing it myself and enjoying the space, the girls just followed.