free for the picking

The foraging season is in full swing here.

On our trip to the West Coast last week we found the best wild raspberry patch.
Actually we found one and we picked and ate and picked and ate and picked and ate for near on three days.
Then we found another bigger patch on the way home.

Before the clothes were put away, before the washing went on, before the car was even properly unloaded, I dove into preserving some of the raspberry magic.
We now have a shelf of raspberry jam (raspberry jam is the very best jam), a bit of raspberry syrup and with just enough left for another breakfast bowl laden with the red jewels.

Is it possible to feel full up with raspberries?

And these are the treasures I found on my morning walk today. I have been picking from this particular plum tree for the last couple of weeks. Picking a pocketful each morning sees us through the day.

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