I too resisted... the concept of service when I was younger.
Now I realise that on many levels service is really all there is.
The trick is that I have a choice about who or what I serve.
I find meaning in serving my children, my community and the Earth.
I see it like this..if I don't serve something outside of myself then I serve my 'self', (with the false illusion) that my self is a separate entity.
-a comment I left on a blog this morning

Ten years ago I would not have believed I would ever write such a comment.
But, here we are, 10 years on and this is how it is for me now.

My greatest teacher is the environmental crisis that we witness unfolding before us.
We no longer have the time to ignore our interdependence with each other and the rest of life on this planet.
And, of course, my greatest motivator is the love for my children since it will be their generation who will suffer the consequences of our inaction (and if you need motivation then watch this film).

As we learn to merge the concept of "them" with the concept of "us" or "me", we, as in the Earth and all the creatures that inhabit it, will begin to evolve in a direction which will sustain and heal us all.

I quietly hold this shift in consciousness as one of our family's intentions now and as I look ahead of us into a new year.

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