handmade decorations

A wee look at some of the decorations the girls have made over the last couple of years.
Making decorations has always been a part of our December preparations and there is always a lot of joy in retelling the story of how they were made each time they are brought out of the Christmas box.
One of the first collaborative pieces made of found objects.
6 bits of driftwood and strips of harekeke for lashing.
Make 2 triangles and lash them together.

Another early one.
A pompom garland. Pompoms and embroidery thread.
Easy for little hands.

This is a favourite of the girls.
4 ice-block sticks and beads, shells or whatever decoration you have on hand, a hotglue gun and a picture to set inside the frame.
Peg Fairies made from a wooden peg, a couple of shells for wings and possibly a sunhat, a bit of wool and a touch of fabric. A hotglue gun and stick it all together.
Firm favourites too.

And some sweeties.
Felt from an old favourite coat, some cotton fabric to draw on and possibly a scrap of Christmas fabric for the other side.
Red rick-rack or ribbon for the tie.

In our family it's always important that the creative process remains in the artist's hands and isn't overtaken by my preconceived notion of what the product should look like.
By using materials that are natural or already have a fond history, the decorations look good, are a joy to work with and bring a warmth to your family tree that decorations bought in a bag cannot match.

Oh and by the way, I am not at all sure whether we will make any at all this year.

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