The arrival of December always prompts me to reflect on our families participation in the Christmas celebrations and reminds me of the power of stories in our lives.
The stories that we choose to tell and those stories that remain silent and untold.
We tell many Summery stories as we head towards Summer Solstice. Beachy fun and camping stories are favourites.
We also choose to tell the Christmas story and we will tell it many times during the next few weeks.
It is an important cultural story and it feels right to nestle the whole Christmas hooplah firmly in a story.
We also tell the story of the cultural context in which this story sits.
An important story within a world of important stories.
The Annual Library Book Sale is the source of 80% of our Christmas stories (80% of all of our books actually). The rest are from fairs and Op Shops.
I particularly love the illustrations of Jane Ray and Julia Vivas and the girls particularly love the stories that they can sing.

And so the singing has just stepped up a notch too.
As well as the favourite Christmas CDs playing daily, there is now on most nights a family sing along before bed.

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  1. sounds great! We've been having singalongs too, as the dutch tradition of sinterklaas requires songs! ifeel quite torn between northern and southern hemispheres at this time of year, actually, my heart belongs in Holland, but especially this year there is no denying that it is summer here! Hmm