note to self on the edge of December.

"Sew something.
Bake something.
Paint something.
Knit something.
Build something.
Share something.

Create something.
Buy nothing"
Grafitti Artist unknown

>Handmade gifts, made with love and attention, whenever possible. I'm not a purist so the odd bought thing might just be how it is but frenzied consumerism robs us of time to be present with our families and friends.
>Simple gifts to act as a balance to the general excessiveness of the season and to help remind the receiver that treasures can still be small.
>We have found over the years that the magic of Christmas is actually in the preparation and anticipation. Marking the early weeks of December with baking, stories, making gifts and decorations, and doing things for others.
>Remembering to breath is good. It helps mindfulness to arise.

It is how we hold the season rather than what actually happens on the day.
Welcome December.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, and the wisdom! Lots of love, Lee

  2. I like that! I guess we do similar, but much less intentionally. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the entire journey rather than just the destination.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Of course, blogposts are a great way of gently reminding oneself by intentionally writing it down too!