wild salad

While staying at friends' place last week we enjoyed foraging in the near by reserve for our dinner's salad.
Purslaine, plaintain, clevers (chopped finely), chickweed, wild parsley and nettle.

I was recently shown how to pick single leaves of the nettle. Up till now I have always tended to pick whole plants!
Use thumb and pointer finger and pick carefully but purposefully. Picked this way I don't get stung. The stinging comes more from the brushing action.

It makes for a tasty salad and the girls particularly enjoy eating what they have helped harvest.
Salads made with such a mix of herbs is difficult to not enjoy.

A bunch of people are doing a lot of mahi working at making a local communty pesticide-free and thereby paving the way for other communities to follow suit.
Check it out here.
And also take a look at the awesome nettle post over on the sidebar.

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  1. That's an awesome amount of miner's lettuce in the photo, wish we had that in our reserves here. The spray free project looks awesome too, thanks for the link.