new babies.

Annie, the hen, has been such a dedicated mum.
For 3 weeks we haven't seen her off her eggs although there were a couple of signs that she had indeed arisen.
Late last week we found a wee chick's head poking out from Annie's feathers.
Within 24 hours another 2 chicks hatched.
3 eggs remained.
For the first couple of days we didn't really see our new babies but we left the mum and the babies alone. Annie obviously knew what she was doing and we tend to be a no intervention kind of family when all is looking good.
Thankfully for us they are venturing out more now.
Ruby has hardly left the coop today. Quietly chatting to the babies, waiting with her camera poised and filing and refilling the water.
As is often the case, Sky has mostly processed the magic on paper.
The tangi for the 3 chicks that never hatched will be happening early tomorrow before Gunter heads off for work.
Just a small ritual to mark the cycle of life and death.


  1. Beautiful little chicks. Our Zuva has been wanting some little babies for awhile. She keeps leaving eggs for the chickens to sit on, she doesn't grasp the basic need for a rooster. At the park, she enjoys watching the duck chicks grow daily. Your children are blessed to be surrounded with such life experiences! :)

  2. We got the eggs from a breeder. I hear there are a lot on Trade Me. They arrived in a courier van! Alas there was a little explaining to do and a bit of a flow chart to explain the intricacies of this particular chicken family.

  3. They are so cute! What type of chickens are they? So great to see how involved the girls are with the chicks development!

  4. We have 2 Welsummer and 1 Barnevelder. Ruby in particular is loving it.