While driving in the car yesterday morning, I caught an interview with a leading developer of the US-based "2020Forecast: Creating the Future for Learning" on Nine to Noon.
She talked about what education will look like in 10 years time.
I agreed with a lot of what she said needed to happen.
She talked about having to "change the whole paradigm of teaching."
In fact, doesn't the paradigm shift actually need to happen in the whole way we understand education and learning?
She suggested in 10 years, education will be "tailored to the needs of the individual student and brought to life through real world experience."
She used words such as collaboration, facilitation, personalisation, connectivity, and flexibility.
It had me nodding. Here's hoping she's right.
The funny thing is, this is how we and lots of other home ed'ers do our learning now, at home and in the community.
We just decided not to wait.

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