The Problem can also be the Solution.

We haven't had our own garden for 3 years. We had been on the move for that long. We planted in pots and turned some lawn into vege beds in each place, but I haven't been able to really get into my own groove.
A good thing about this is that we could just focus on the community garden. For the last couple of years we just lived two doors up the road so the community garden was the garden I worked in and harvested from. And we produced great crops and made some good meals from it.

That said, there is such pleasure in having our own piece of dirt to work finally. So far I have mostly waited and jiggled possible designs around in my head.
Waiting has been worth it. Trying to wrap my head around what the water design could look like on our property has been tricky.
Greywater. Collection. Harvesting. Storing. Reusing. Diverting.
An added challenge is that we like to reuse any materials we already have and do as much of it ourselves or with friends. It has had me a bit stumped. Until last night.
So here's the picture: A half buried water barrel and the old shub from the sleepout acting as small collecting ponds with a larger pond at the lowest point planted with native bog loving plants to attract native birdlife. The main paths to be built so as they can also act as drains into this system.
Water can be diverted off this system in the Summer or can overflow into the stormwater drains in the winter.
Can you see it?
I can't wait to have the sound of frogs coming from our garden again.

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