It's that time again.
Always in the coldest month of the year, we have a few good days. Clear blue sky. Warm enough to leave the door open. As though to remind us that indeed, Spring will come.
I spent the whole day outside. Pruning. Digging. Racking up the last of the leaves.
The warm weather spurred me on.
But I missed my girls.

Not long and they will be back out in the garden with me. Helping to grow their food. Relishing their strength as they bend their backs into real physical work. Playing at being a farmer in the fields. And then running off to another part of the garden.

I've always had confidence in the strength of my body. It seems to have come from having always engaged in some kind of physical work either in the outdoors, in sport or in the garden.
I like watching the girls developing that confidence.
It seems like a fairly fundamental foundation, upon which young girls can grow into resilient and strong young women.

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