It must be Harvest time. 
Pickles, relish, pasta sauce and pesto to freeze, apple pie, bottled fruit and herbs drying on the rack.
Produce from our garden, and fruit from friends, our neighbours and the Plenty to Share stall across the road from the local store. 
It's easy to give thanks right now - the table is abundant, the cupboards full and the warm weather is still holding. 

And yet, even in the fullness of the Harvest, there seems to be the onset of decay - the first leaves turning, the bean vines drying, the flowers spent on the compost piles.
The ever-present paradox of this sweet life.
Right now, I'm feeling full of all this goodness and am hoping this gratefulness can hold me through the darkest times of the winter to come because she sure is coming.


  1. Looking so good all the veg and bet it taste yummy. Is that tomato relish I see. yummyyyyyyyy.

  2. ahhhhh Autumn. I lovely season :-)

  3. Hmm, taking a look back at those photos i realise I have become complacent about earthquakes recently. One good after shock and all that tomato pasta sauce will be on the floor :/ I'm off to move it.

  4. Feeling gratitude for your writing today Jacinda, the way you remind me to connect with and honor the seasons, and the cyclic nature of our lives. On our table is a bowl full of the most exquisitely yellow quinces picked from our neighbour's tree. They are filling the room with their cheerful sunny fragrance, while outside is the muted grey sky.

    May your abundant harvest ('captured sunlight') bring you strength for the coming winter.

  5. I'm really dreading the onset of Winter! Thanks for reminding me to stop looking ahead and just be grateful for the beautiful Autumn.