an ordinary weekend

A weekend in the garden with a bit of beach, community music and friendship tossed in for balance.
Working in the garden is like spending time in my place of worship. My hands dig in and I notice the beauty of the world evolving at my fingertips; budding, blooming and in decay.
Always returning: nothing wasted, everything purposeful. 

As with all years the harvest is a bit of a mixed bag but mostly I'm ok with that. 

My practice is 1 hour a day in the garden, usually early morning: that's what I can give it for now, 1 hour a day.
With spurts of more and lulls of less through the seasons. 
The girls also help a bit with growing the food they eat.
With that, from the garden we are eating potatoes, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, cabbage, mesculin, herbs, carrots, zucchini, lettuce and basil right now. We've had our first homegrown apples since we moved here and have a few strawberries still holding out. 
This year's garlic harvest will get us through the year well. Tick. Garlic is essential don't you think?
Once again our beetroot is ridiculously meager, the peppers were a downright failure, our potato harvest is average and my new tomato staking plan never really got off the ground which has left many of my tomatoes plants languishing on the ground.
Oh and did I mention the kale. Loads of kale. Always the humble kale. A staple here all year round. 

After a few weekends away Summering it up with friends, it was just the right medicine to be at home in the garden clearing, maintaining and harvesting.


  1. Beautiful garden, beautiful people. It's great to be able to grow things. Sadly, we've lost a lot of our onion crop as they got overgrown and we have been too busy. But we have been eating cucumbers everyday, strawberries, we did have luck with our peppers and lovely potatoes never fail us. I'm awaiting to see what becomes of our pinto beans. Look forward to seeing you and your girls again, always enjoy visiting here for inspiration :)Andrea

    1. Yes, part of my peace in the garden is trying to keep peace with the ebb and flow of the weeds (and the failing beetroot;) People have asked how I manage to fail with beetroot and I just shrug my shoulders and say "next year." Do you have a glasshouse for your peppers?

    2. yeah the peppers are in a glasshouse, they didn't do anything last year in it though, but this year we've had lots. Mind you last summer was really not hot at all. Looks a bit like a jungle out there, haven't dared to go too deep into the patch lately :-/

  2. the garden photos are so pretty, snails eat everything I grow sadly, so nice to hear you have a harvest!