marking the turn

Grab baby and baby carrier, a basket and a pair of secateurs.
Go outside.
Look around and notice the colours, textures and shapes of your local flowers and foliage.
Pick and choose.
Cut and gather.

Wreaths from last year, looping into another round this year

We make wreaths throughout the year, Autumn, in Winter, in the Spring, and the Summer as a way of marking the turning of the year and bringing the beauty of the natural world inside.
Beauty brings peace and joy and connects me up.
To lay my eye on beauty in the midst of the creative chaos our home can reflect during the day, can help me avoid a mini-meltdown ;)

Spread out, place and bind and mark the beginning of the Christmas season and the lead up to Summer Solstice in nature, at home with your family.

The best way to begin.

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  1. I have just discovered your blog... am thinking about homeschooling my kids and was searching for some inspiration... LOVE your blog. And your wreaths. and your extra baby that comes along. Thank you for a bit of needed motivation to 'do' and 'make' over the Christmas season while I think about our future. And I'm so sorry about your mother.