a day on the water

 * Thank goodness for friends who go to school and who don't mind taking a day off now and again to live a little ;)
* Thank goodness said friends have raft + gear + a papa who has raft guided more recently than 23 years ago. That is how long it has been for me : \ .
* Thank goodness for a warm, still, overcast day. Perfect rafting weather.
* Thank goodness I squeezed into my wetsuit, there certainly was quite a bit of doubt.
* Thank goodness for our family decision to say "yes" to interesting offers and/or new experiences no matter what else was planned or how long the "to do" list.

In my early adult years I spent a lot of time on the water, mostly in a kayak, sometimes in rafts.
These were very happy years, full of nature and friends and adventure on many levels.
I loved being back on the water today.
The splash of cool, freshwater on my face, the pull of the current, the slap of the waves.
The squeals and smiles on the girls faces were the bonuses.

We have arrived home and the girls have crashed.
I am about to join them.

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