turning 9

I'm at our local library.
It's open for a few hours this afternoon so we came for a walk during a break in the weather.

Yesterday was Ruby's ninth birthday.
She woke up with a sore tummy from too much chocolate at birthday celebrations the night before and the stormy weather distracted me a little with power cuts, emptying rain barrels and mopping up leaks.
Gunter had left early that morning for a week long trip.
Ruby missed him.
But we had friends - thank goodness for friends - and we had food.
Some birthdays are like that - just as they come.

The power cut that left the dinner half baked, has blown our computer.
The last power cut blew its surge breaker - we've been in 3 stores since then looking for a new one. They were all sold out.
I guess I have a bit more time now. 
The power cut also blew our cd player and the heatpump in the sleepout where we sleep.
The woodburner pulled through on finishing the dinner and we don't really use the heatpump.

Posting may be a little patchy for a while.
For now we need to head home, siphon some water from the barrels (the rain has begun again), feed the chickens and stoke the fire.
The girls will bring in the last of the firewood we have in the woodshed - it's on the list; build extension to woodshed.

We picked some wild spring flowers a few days ago.
They are on the windowsill in the living room.
The colour makes me smile and the glorious scent fills the house.
Soup is on the woodburner.
We take the blessings where we can.


  1. Oh no! We lost power numerous times but luckily nothing blew up here. My computer made a big 'zizzing' noise and a squeak but restarted ok. Happy Birthday to Ruby! We are in birthday mode here too...I'll have a teenager on Tuesday!

  2. Before I read your words I looked at the picture of flowers on the window sill and it gave me a feeling of home picking them and the smell:) We were thinking of Ruby on her birthday and hope she enjoys her parcel, hope she has got it by now. Our house is full of chicken pox Jarred first (mild dose) and now Darren which is full on he is spotty all over and sick, praying we are all over this by next saturday for we are away on the cruise. LOve you all K

  3. happy belated birthday :) — can’t believe i missed this before!