seeking solitude

I decided to come home a couple of days early on our recent trip away. In this season of my life, two days alone with long stretches of quiet is what I yearn for now and again. 
It doesn't happen often. I cherish it when it does. 

I walked through my daily tasks; simple meals, mostly salads (appreciating the lack of dishes salads produce), washing, stretching, tidying after myself - the pace of my days was deeply nourishing.
The mornings were frosty but by midday the sun was high enough to reach the garden and I was ready to venture outside.
I spent drifts of sweet uninterrupted time in the garden - such rewarding and deeply satisfying work.
Spreading compost and weeding, clearing ground and shifting dirt, all the time happily surprised at the abundance of life in the garden in the midst of winter. This discovery of life led to creating the terrerium a few days later with the girls.
Later in the day I let the chickens out of their run for an hour or two - an experiment I wanted to try considering the barren state of their run at this time of year. They enjoyed the freedom, the foraging and the dry dusty earth under the pittosporums.
I enjoyed their companionship.

In those couple of days I also did some geeking out on mathematics. That's the truth of it - this is how I chose to spend my time. I have been seeking a deeper understanding of the language of maths for a while now and exploring new ways to engage with it. I have written about this before here. I'm enjoying my discoveries and realise it is another one of those topics that is a post in itself.  For now though, let me just point you to the inspiring TED talk below to whet your appetite. Who would have thought crocheting held part of the solution to a deep mathematical mystery - not me nor my grandma that's for sure.

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  1. What a great talk! My relationship with math has been rocky in the past but working with my kiddos... having fun with math... is changing that. Thanks for sharing the talk.