saturday afternoon


Photos by Ruby

On Saturday afternoon Ruby documented picking up the new-to-us water tank and stand. 
She thought this would be a worthwhile contribution to family weekend tasks :-) 

So now we have a 1000 litre water tank planned for rainwater harvesting to be used to fill the washing machine. And yes, it has been pouring with rain all day and the tank lies stranded half way up the driveway - things go a step at a time here, especially our DIY water harvesting system.
We also have a tank stand which invites many, many possibilities. The dreaming and drawing has begun but right now it's looking more like the army has arrived in our little town and set up a checkpoint at our gate.
And then there's Ruby's documentation - 60-odd photos worth of documentation. Story line, before and afters, close-ups, quirky compositions and quirkier subject matter.
The girl knows how to have fun and although I can't remember her having penned a story yet, she certainly knows how to tell one.

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