horse manure and the corporate agenda

It feels like Spring here. In between a touch of painting, writing letters to friends and making solutions for growing more crystals, the girls have been on the trampoline and the swing most of today. I think the trampoline has been transformed into a ship and right now I can't help but think of all the stuff that will need bringing in before dark.
But this will wait because we are about to head out to a few people in the neighbourhood, dropping off bags of horse manure for their gardens and composts.  This is a recent offer I made on our Timebank - we have a trailer, the shovelling is good for body and soul and between you and me, I get excited by horse manure and am keen to share a good thing.
But before I go I just really wanted to share this clip from the Economics of Happiness conference earlier this year. I have been putting a few links up over on the sidebar (now working by the way) but this one I want to share here because this speaks to my heart, my politics and informs how we live our daily life.
Watch it and let us know what you think about it.

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