fit for the fairy queen

Thank you dear leaf.
You saved the morning; in fact you set the whole tone for the day.
I had had a restless night, the wind in particular was relentless and in our wee bach, full of drafty gaps, we get the full brunt.
We needed milk; I agreed with the girls, it was a hot chocolate kind of day.
To get to the local store we needed to head out into the weather. I knew it had potential either to be invigorating or just hard work with attitude to match.
As we stood in the porch putting on our hats and gloves and scarves and coats the weather got decidedly worse. The hail was horizontal.
I was feeling challenged, trying to keep my grumpiness in check.
We headed out, hoods down against the hail.

And then, well, we found you.
Actually Ruby discovered you, scooting along the guttering, in such a hurry to somewhere.  She saved you from the great dark pit; she wanted to catch you before you disappeared down the drain.
A boat fit for the Fairy Queen.
Perhaps you were late for an engagement with the Queen herself.
We guarded your voyage the rest of the way down the hill, clearing the path and assisting with detours around insurmountable barriers.


You were ragged by the end of the voyage; your prow had a irrepairable tear and the hull was taking in a lot of water.
We carried you home to calmer waters, no Queen in sight.
Sky will remember you and tells me she will tell her babies the story of you in bed tonight.
Ruby will too; the day she rescued the boat fit for the Fairy Queen..

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  1. Well done Mama, grumpiness could have prevented magic! You are so wonderful at allowing, a precious gift you give your children every day.