some slippers

A few nights ago I contributed to an information evening about unschooling.
One of the participants talked about her struggle with the thought of letting go the reins of control over the direction of her children's learning. Her honest contribution to the conversation was invaluable - letting go is a fundamental place to begin in the process of trusting our children.
She wondered what she could do to prevent her from constantly stepping into the lead.
I suggested she take up a hobby.
I was serious.

I'm a very slow knitter but I do enjoy the meditation it brings me - I like the busyness of my hands and the quiet of my mind.
Knitting allows me to sit alongside Ruby and/or Sky with ease and quiet when they are working on something that may be challenging them. It supports me to be available to them and at the same time prevents me from becoming too focussed on what they are doing. It keeps me slightly detached so as I avoid jumping in with my own agenda and becoming frustrated and impatient. It is simple to lay down my needles to give them or the problem my complete attention and then to pick up the needles again when I am no longer needed.

I don't do much knitting but I enjoy it when I do.
Above are my indoor slippers I finished last night.
Wool from an old jersey which we unravelled and washed.
Leather from a skirt I bought at the local $2 second-hand clothing shop.
A simple flower from some scraps of felt.
I like how light they are and the fact that when I wear them I can still feel the floor under my feet.


  1. Beautiful. I get knitting and unschooling. Embroidery could work too?

  2. Letting go of the reins, I think I can relate to that one xx

  3. It's funny, as I seem to be more frequently bothered that I have the opposite problem; I feel as though I spend too much of my time 'busy doing things' generally around the house, (kitchen, laundry etc, as I'm not much into tidying or cleaning!). My darling boy and I are only early on into our unschooling/home ed journey, as I just discovered it last year, and he is barely two (next week!). I think for me it is one of those 'guilt issues' I have! I know that simplicity is best, so I don't feel I should be 'organising more activities', but I worry that I am not present enough... I imagine it is one of those things I will get the hang of though :-).
    I love those slippers!!! Just beautiful (I knit slooooow too!), and I very much empathise with your wish to still be able to feel the floor beneath your feet :-). Xx*

    1. There is a blogpost in reply to this comment! I know the busy doing things and I also know trusting myself to be present. What a gift we give them when we just let them be, exploring and discovering at their own speed and direction. I hope to write some more soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

    2. I very much look forward to reading it :-). Bless you Xx*

  4. Nice post and beautiful slippers Jacinda! I have a similar thing I do called the 'tv' project. It's a simple project usually embroidery of some sort that I do while watching tv. We don't watch much tv at all but this way I don't feel as consumed (or guilty lol)

  5. WE went there! you're such an inspiration! thanks! :) I haven't got much patience for knitting, haha.. but will re-visit it this winter, or maybe croche... we are discovering wet on wet watercolours.. my girls love paint and painting :) thanks for sharing your beautiful blog