writing the story

Oh, the weekend.
These wild places are the places we want to be with the girls. 
We want these places to part of our family story; walking the vast landscapes and breathing in the big sky.  
We also want to learn what we can about the places that we go.
This weekend away for us was sandwiched between a trip to friends and a trip to family but sometimes you need to just say yes to opportunities and carve out the time that will help write that story.
Among other things (like the landscape and of the beauty and of the new species we met, all of which I find impossible to write about without a slightly ranting tone.) I'm excited all over again about The Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC) and the superb community resource for hands-on learning it provides to our families.
People sharing their knowledge and skills, organising activities, trips and speakers, chances to meet new families and everything with the barest cost attached.
Without this KCC trip, we might never have gone to these places nor have learnt all that we did about the place and those that live there in the streams, under rocks and in the air.
Building active learning communities depend on this culture of sharing and volunteering for the common good.
It feels good to be part of it.

Sunday morning Sky walked with me along the upper reaches of the Rangitata river. She was barefoot, her arms held out, palms upward. She looked at around and said;
"Now we are here we don't have to do anything. I just love being here and walking on the dirt and seeing everything. It's beautiful. Just reeeeeally beautiful"


  1. Out of the mouth of babes....!

  2. Love reading them and looking at pic. Kelly. PS if you get message tell me.