filling up

We've been away.
Filling up with a long Autumn break before the front of Winter hits.
We spent a the first few nights in our favourite mountain hut to do some serious catching up on breathing in the forest air, favourite board games, long read-alouds and morning dips -the mountain stream runs along at the back of the hut and the morning visit has become a hut ritual.
Great for the circulation.
Excellent for the spirit.
We are also managing to get out on some fairly decent walks with the girls these days. To spend loads of time in wild places is a clear intention we have for our family. The clear intention helps with the initial reluctance and heavy footedness.
The pure beauty of the landscape helps too. The magic of moss and lichen, small tunnels under trees and puddles of fresh, clear water turned a mundane walk into a quest into fairyland for Sky. Treasure at the end of the track alongside the stream - slate just like the pioneers - meant we just managed to make it out before dark set in.
We also scaled one of the local peaks to it's treeline. This time Ruby was motivated by shooting photos for an outdoor clothing catalogue. Imaginary of course - old daggy woolies wouldn't really get a look in, let alone the models she had available.
Isn't life like that; each good day building on the previous good day. The good days building the rock on which to stand on when the hard days come along as they are sure to do at times.

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