late summer

Yesterday we remembered what late Summer days usually feel like: comfortably warm and settled.
We spent most of the day outside filling up on warmth knowing that the wheel of the season is turning and soon it will feel harder to get outside.
The horses were fed and taken out for a ride. I made these a while back but soon after construction, due to dodgy design Pinky's head fell off and there she sat in the corner of the room. Near the end of last year we managed to resurrect her head and maybe not surprisingly this made all the difference:) They have been well-loved ever since.
We spent some time at the beach down the road. I collected seaweed and the girls hauled water and scooped sand. There really seems to be nothing better than sand and water in childhood.
After dinner there was croquet up some old guttering. This guttering is on the way to the roof of the shed to keep our feathered friends a little more dry and to add a little more water to our rain collection system. It's on the long list of things to do. Yesterday the list had to wait.

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