flowers on the table

"It is not so much what we are taught, but what we are surrounded by that
determines the course of our lives: the music, the poetry and talk,
the bright cocoon of life that is woven around us."
Julie Keller.

I like this image of a cocoon. Really, who doesn't?
Over the years this image has guided many of my decisions and I'm thankful to have had it. I'm not big on details; overarching concepts or images work better for me. If I have the big picture sorted, the details tend to fall into place. I think it's characteristic of one of those personality types.
In the baby years, this image of a cocoon reminded me that our priority was to cultivate a home environment which embraced the girls with love and warmth. It supported me to nurture our home life and environment and helped me not get hooked on many of the details that can overwhelm a new mama. It also helped me to keep my eye on sensory overload and filter much of the daily "noise" we live with these days. Do you notice that noise?
As they have grown, I have carried this image with me. It encourages us to live well: read great books, marvel at the beautiful illustrations, listen to and play lots of music, nurture friendship and endlessly pursue creating objects of our imagination. It has also reminded us to spend as much time as possible outside.
That doesn't mean that we don't get lost in the pesky details of mismatched socks, unfolded washing or "who-had-the-hairbrush-last-and-why-isn't-it-on-the-bathroom-shelf?" We do, or at least I do, the latter being a near daily occurence right now.
I try not to remain lost in the pesky details for long - although there does seem to be ongoing learning in this place -and instead turn our attention to simple details that will reconnect us with beauty and peace.
This afternoon I sent Ruby out to the garden to put fresh flowers in the jar for the table - this simple task always realigns her spirit just like magic.
One of us might change the music to some more gentler sounds.
Gathering together on the couch for a chapter of our current read weaves the threads back in.
Visiting a friend can inspire.
Soon I can see the big picture again.

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