at last

At last:
  • The firewood shelter is built. Now to stack it.
  • I've gathered enough wool to get knitting on a pair of my favourite slippers in time for the morning chill setting in. We employ creative tactics to get our hands on real wool around here. Unraveling takes place. The price of NZ wool is just too outrageous to buy for our family wallet even though I listen to the sound of the sheep bleeting from my front door.
  • The bottled beetroot stores are full once again. Another micro-batch of sauerkraut brewing - with all the other action in the kitchen at this time of year, regular micro-batching is our solution to kitchen overload. More tomatoes are waiting in the laundry.
  • The sun shone for two whole days. We made like solar panels and soaked in it, filling the stores just in time to greet the Autumn Equinox this week.
  • We jumped. We swam. We squelled at the temperature of the water. The colour of the water was astounding.
This morning it's raining again. We imagine a quieter day: the fabric of our day unfolding to reflect the tone set by the weather outside.
Late addition: I've just posted over at; another post in the "local food" series on mushrooms.

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