taking in the bigger picture

Just to let you know, life often feels hard right now.
That's just how it is.
For transparency sake I thought I'd let you know.
Clarity, perserverance and positive thoughts are called upon each day to make steps in decisions about our home, how we proceed and living well in the meantime.
You know how it goes, especially the Cantabrians among you.

I'm grateful for this little blog I began just over a year ago.
It has a presence in my life.
It reminds me that each day there are threads of happiness and beauty.
I mostly write about those threads.
Sometimes threads of struggle, worry and doubt weave right through the middle of the day.
Looking up too close, the darker threads can blur the vision.
Stepping back and taking in the whole fabric, the darker tones merge into a deeper, altogether richer array of colours.
The fabric as a whole is strong; the brighter tones are glorious.
I'll be remembering that today.

Sky was inspired to get up close to the dirt yesterday at the community gardens
so we took along the microscope.We watched Dirt: The Movie the night before
- a beautiful movie all about our complete connection to the dirt under our feet.


  1. Your comment about life being difficult, really resonated with me. My thoughts are with you and your family - Michelle - North Canty

  2. Dark threads have threatened to overwhelm me here too and I do not have the overlay of earthquakes to factor in.

    One of our cats has been unwell on and off for over a year now. At times he is very unwell but he rallies with extra care from the vets and us. He reminds me constantly of the life force and to keep hope.

    I hope the earth is settling for you all.