simply together.

We are blessed to have friends who share their hut in the mountains with us.
We get away there when we can and with one thing and another we haven't been up nearly as much this year; we were well overdue.
We were rewarded with a good layer of snow on the ground and a decent slope with good run out just outside the front door.

Mostly we fill the small living space with boardgames, jigsaw puzzles, art materials and books and it has been known for the mama to hardly leave her sleeping bag on the shared bed.
This time around there was alot of general mooching as Sky got hit by our first cold this year and lay low most of the time - that is except when she ducked outside to make snow maidens and floral installations.

At the hut our choices are greatly limited.
We all love the simplicity.
Food is basic, clothes are practical, washing is in the river or in the water you have collected and our days are filled with relishing what is right in front of us; Rummikub, a cup of tea, another trip through "The Art Book for Children," a walk while the sun appears, hand grinding another coffee.
There is such freedom in limitation.

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  1. Hi guys. What did you think of the extra space at the hut?
    Love the blog, Jacinda.