more self-led research

A research project of sorts that arose out of the positive response that we got from making the gratitude banner earlier in the year:
  • questions that Ruby has been pondering since she was about 4 years old. Questions investigating stories and truth and different people's beliefs and our origins.
  • a chance to ask these questions in a way that was non-threatening for her and for the receiver.
  • choosing a wide-range of people she felt comfortable to ask with a couple that were slightly more challenging.
  • discovering elements of formal writing.
  • getting mail in the post and listening to what people have to say.
  • thinking about presenting our findings....I can feel a graph coming on.
  • reflecting on the concept of reciprocity and thinking about how she might respond to the participants.

What fun to get so much post in the mail and the letters have been so encouraging and thoughtfully answered.
Whether your children go to school or not, it's been a great way of introducing issues around research, encouraging others to take children's questions seriously and exposing Ruby to the array of people's responses in a safe environment.

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