it seems this is how it will be

After another big 6.3 earthquake on Monday this is what is taking up our days:
  • Picking up, sweeping away and stabilising.
  • Being amazed and thankful for the unusually warm and sunny June we are having. This has made a real difference.
  • Helping friends shift friends out of their broken homes.
  • Sharing food and love with friends and people unknown to us previously.
  • Finding little bits of order in the chaos on my floor - this is where things will be until a better solution presents itself.
  • Adding to my list on the fridge of people to check on.
  • Making further emergency plans so as we all have back up plans (this is unusually precautious of me but with a 30% chance of another earthquake of the same or bigger magnitude it's probably time to be precautious.)
  • Finding centredness by breathing deeply throughout the day whenever a shake comes. For those who don't live here when the big ones hit instinct takes over and you either flee or stand firm depending on where you are. Once the earth has stopped jumping then we remember to breath deeply.
  • Rubbing Weleda Aurum/Lavendar/Rose cream onto warm chests at night to help restful sleep. Giving the girls "Quake Relief" drops to calm their nerves.
  • Finding ways in which to still have beauty adorning high places. Handcraft projects on the piano? Soft landings are good.
  • Holding onto a touch of rhythm to our days to bring steadiness: eating good food, finding clean water and drinking enough, getting some fresh air while walking each day, and working on the sleep ( see above). My morning yoga limps along.
  • Loving those hardworking men and women who are working tirelessly to repair our city. With so much value laid upon the "knowledge economy" these days, earthquakes do well at reminding us that practical people; people working with their hands are the people who are really making the difference.
  • Leaning into the back of the fear and uncertainty to find strength and perserverance.
  • Feeling fragile and resilient.
  • Feeling thankful.


  1. It is soooooo good to read a post from you and to learn that you are 'okay".
    My thoughts are with you as you work out ways to maintain life in such challenging circumstances.

    I love the line up of small soft toys and stitching on the piano.
    Kia kaha
    Lynley in Wellington

  2. Much love sending your way Jacinda - thinking of you alot, and all the peeps of Lyttelton and CHCH, it is amazing how you all cope. . .

  3. Lynley, Thanks for the support. I'm convinced that in some ways it is easier for us who live among it rather than watching it from afar. What everyone is keenly aware of is that there are so many people worse off than yourself, right in your neighbourhood.
    Marcia, I was wondering whether we need to make quake-proof topbar hives especially for Chch. Imagine the hive toppling over!

  4. WOW! Another one? What is going on over there? SO glad you are safe. You always keep great perspective Jacinda! All love to you!