living well.

Not sending the children to school is a whole lot more than managing their learning.
In fact, one quickly realises that "managing their learning" can be mostly a false illusion.
What I have always most appreciated on this path is that we are in the driver's seat of our own lives as much as possible and with that is the responsibility of creating the life that we want and imagine possible:it doesn't give me any leeway on justifying living a half-lived life.

Our family values freedom, responsibility and a belief that healthy communities are infinitely wise, resourceful and a rich environment for growing children.
Our family is blessed to live in a community which is much like a large loosely knit extended family. That is why we live here and our family works hard to support this. We look for ways in which we can live as intentionally as possible with others in the community because we know nothing can replace a deep sense of connection and belonging.

We happened upon this video again the other night and it still resonates strongly with us, in particular this advise:
"live together as well as you can. Enjoy life together as much as you can."
So often when I get too busy, get too in my head or just lose my way for a bit this is the advice I have come back to again and again.
Because really what else is there.

Hmm, this is all to say that life is good right now.
A few days ago a woman suggested I was idealsitic.
I listened. I pondered.
For me idealism lacks action. It seems to me that idealism plus action means walking your own walk and that has always been our wish. Consciously creating the best life we imagine.
Isn't that what we are all doing on some level?
With constant change upon us here in Christchurch, I am cherishing all the gifts that life sets before us on a daily basis and marvel at how easily the girls learn and grow right up and through the thick of it.


  1. Wiki...Idealism is the philosophical theory which maintains that experience is ultimately based on mental activity. This is not you!

    I love the quote 'If you aim at nothing you'll hit it with spectacular accuracy.'

  2. You guys are living the life. Wonderful! xx

  3. It sounds to me as though you have a wonderful, positive attitude and that you live your life with intention - that, I believe, makes for a very satisfying life. You are part of building a wonderful community - so important!