On holiday

Let's say it was a bit of a beachy holiday.
Searching for kaimoana.
Playing in the surf for hours.
Collecting treasures.
Dawn baths at hot water beach.
Back home.
Spot the difference?
Let's say, I'm taking a few days to get used to the temperature change.


  1. Such contrasts for you all. I hope you were all able to recharge your energies away from aftershocks, demolitions and your altered ways of living in ChCh.....and felt some delicious warmth up north as winter creeps much closer.
    Be safe:-)

  2. Beautiful showing of contrasts! I will tell James to pack his scarf for his trip down south..:)

  3. Im so pleased you all enjoyed your break away to somewhere less shakey. The beaches look so lovely! Will catch up again soon!