Being under an elderly friend's house clambering around piles of wood and assorted machinery is not a good place to be when a hefty 5.3 aftershock hits.
When I get home the power is off and we have no idea where the candles, the torches or the matches are amongst the boxes.
These are exactly the times to have dinner in the car, singing and discussing different electricity sources.
We then head off for a drive in search of street lights and distraction.
Sky is pretty fragile.
We go over our "keep calm and carry on" strategy and practice our deep breathing. The girls give the Earth a good talking to and we give ourselves a good talking to about our emergency supplies.
We head home which has already had it's power restored.
We celebrate our resilience with ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce.
It's always good to all sleep close together on nights when the Earth is shaking and it's a relief to a Mama's heart to see her girls laughing and smiling as they snuggle down to sleep.


  1. This is such a poignant post. Thank you. .

    I'm thinking how often I use the phrase "well-grounded" as a metaphor for secure. Your experience kind of calls that metaphor that into question, doesn't it? But the photo? That's a picture of "secure" if I ever saw one!

    Thinking of you guys. Keep holding onto each other!

  2. I love the way you dealt with the situation. And I'm so glad you are all safe and in smiles again.