Another day to learn more about what an open heart looks like:

    • the woman who dropped the container full of buttons at the stitching corner. Old vintage buttons, cute character buttons and iridescent glass buttons have kept everyone under their spell for days and kept the creative juice fresh. Apparently after picking them all up after two quakes, she was now done with them. Hundreds of dollars worth of buttons given away on stitched hearts.

    • the endless food provided by many. People contributing how they can.

      • Gus, a guy visiting from the North Island with 2 large boxes of freshly smoked fish to give away. Just because "he felt like it."
      • All the blokes that are stepping up, picking up the needle and stitching a heart.

      For the whole time that we have been holding vigil in the main street the girls have been taken care of by the village. They chat, help out, take off with someone for a while, sing, stitch, listen and watch. Their life and what they need to learn unfolds before them. They don't need to wait. They are present within their life and respond accordingly.

      Their mama marvels a little that they are here infront of her, aware of the devastation in Japan and the possibility of loss in each day.

      Japan, there are no words.


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      2. Hello lovely lady - my friend put me onto you. What an inspiration you are and you seem like someone who takes after my own heart. I love what you have written about children and truer words were spoken. :-) I am so glad to see someone like you (artistic, crafty and caring) doing what you can for our Christchurch brothers and sisters. Kia kaha.

        Debrina - a fellow kiwi blogger who just happens to be an artsit too with fond memories of Canterbury.

      3. My heart breaks for Japan but what you and your community are doing in response to this devastating event is absolutely beautiful! xx

      4. Thanks Debrina and Annie. This'lyttel' project is suprisingly profound.