summer solstice

At this time of the year it often feels tricky to find a way to celebrate the peak of light in this cycle in a manageable but real way.
A meeting with dear friends early in the morning at the beach was a perfect way to start. Lapping water, shared stories, laughter and breakfast.
Later in the afternoon as gusting wind battered the coastline we met again at another beach with more friends, hunkered out of the wind behind cars and shared a meal while kids chased seagulls, played in the waves and collected driftwood to build a circle to embrace the meal.
Sadly we missed the lunar eclipse, the family all crashed asleep at sundown.

The gift from the day was a friend reminding us that, as with the sun, the peak of our physical bodies only represents the beginning of our real power. As the descent begins, the power increases.
Just what I needed to hear.
Welcome power.


  1. Beautiful spread for solstice. We were fortunate the rain finally cleared away after days and days of it and the sun came out in time for a picnic dinner in the backyard. Are you on facebook? I'd really like to friend you if that's not too stalkery?

  2. Hi Nikki, No I don't do facebook. Just an attempt to keep some kind of limit on screen time. What's happened to your blog?