Gratitude is what I'm working with right now.
Deeply cultivating gratitude everyday.
We give thanks most evenings before our last meal of the day.
Gunt and I often talk about all the things we are thankful for.
Ruby and Sky live gratefulness most days.
But I have been noticing in myself recently a habit of pushing forward, wanting my life to be better or more...something.
Although this desire that arises isn't based on material possessions or money, it still is a state of not being comfortable with right now.
My thinking is that coming from a foundation of gratitude is as revolutionary as any act.
Gratitude disrupts our culture's dominant discourse which tells us that we do not have enough and are simply not enough as we are.
A discourse which leaves us in a constant state of wanting and looking outside of ourselves for more.
And so a project is evolving in my mind for the month of January.
A gratitude wall in the heart of our home.

We are off camping for a few days. A chance to catch our breath and unwind with friends.
I'm looking forward to the ease of living outside with the ocean.
Enjoy the new year.

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