Flowers are a consistent line of interest at this time of the year for our family.
The house is full of them. Fists of flowers come home from each walk we take.
This is an obvious beginning.
Then there is eating as many edible ones that we can get our hands on - calendula, rocket, nasturtium, dandelion, borage, roses. These go in salads mainly but also we have been throwing dandelion petals into muffins and rose petals on top of biscuits.

Drawing is always a way into our chosen subject and so the nature journals are coming most places with us for now. Drawing flowers is special. What better way to stop, take a breath and really notice the beauty which is before you.
Sunny north-facing windowsills are also covered with flowers drying for use in the future. In particular we have been collecting calendula to use in our soap and deodorant bars (more on this later)and elderflower for a winter-time herbal tonic.

Pressing the pansies in our garden is still to come. After looking extensively for our much loved flower press which Gunter made for the girls, we have decided to just go with a simple portable press for this year. Layers of corrugated cardboard from an old box and newspaper, cut to the size of a favourite pocket and strong rubber bands to hold it together and press.
Tomorrow though, we are off for our day at the community garden. We plan to take our wax paper along, collect loads of different flowers from the garden and make some petal windows. Some for us and some for gifts.

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