organic seed and seedling swap

Now is the time for a swap of seeds and seedlings.
A flyer on the community noticeboard, perhaps a free ad in the local rag, and an email to anyone you know in the neighbourhood.
A friend has been organising these for the past year, approximately once a season but she's thinking of another one soon.
Bring whatever seeds and seedlings you have spare and take what you need.
I imagine once the harvest is coming in, there will be a swapping of produce aswell.

I find so often successful community initiatives are uncomplicated, simple to organise and as local as can be.
The people who turn up are exactly the right people to be there, no matter the numbers.
We shared a cup of tea, a lot of knowledge, not just about gardening, and the best of all, we met people we didn't know and caught up with others we did.
Go ahead and plan one before the season gets away on you.

Check out the "unconditional parenting" link on the sidebar. Yes, yes, yes.
Actually don't. I've deleted it because I can't get it to work. I will post about it soon!


  1. hi Jacinta!! thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the great idea of a seed/seedling swap. i own a small preschool and am always interested in finding new ways to support community and i think this is such a great way of doing so. xx,kristin

  2. Also a seed and seedling swap would be a lovely thing to do with the children I imagine.

  3. Hi Jacinda, Gunter, Ruby, Sky, Gigi and Dawa,

    Just reading the latest David Almond (Skellig etc.) book and thought of you all in your world. Don't know your physical address, but if you send it to us I'll send a copy of this amazing magical book to you. When you've read it, pass it on if you don't have space for another book in your lives. Sandy sends her love. We are loving living with Hazel. We look after her most mornings while her parents have a bonus sleep. Love to you all

  4. Hi Jacinda, Ruby and Sky...I was thinking of you just the other day when i was sowing the seeds for this year's vege garden...and remembering Ruby writing the labels for me last year when i we did the same thing. We have had many flowers in our front garden from your sowing also. Hazel wasn't quite as good at helping although she enjoyed rolling round in the dirt. I loved you being here..please come again soon.