The Shake

So, we were glad to miss the big quake at home.
We got a gentler version in the mountains and didn't have to hear the noise of things banging and smashing.
We decided to stay for the Saturday night in the little hut. We don't have electricity and we collect the water from the river anyway, so we were better prepared and it felt right to keep off the roads and let the emergency services work.
We drove back yesterday to face the mess. We were a little nervous.
We were surprised to see Darfield and other surrounding townships open for business. Almost bustling.
When we arrived home we found a few jars of preserves on the floor and some crockery broken.
Really we were so lucky.
We expected far worse.
Part of the blessing of living with little in an old bach!

It feels worth mentioning that The News really only focuses on the worst events.
No surprises there.

The Good things
>All the people I have talked to are relieved and happy to have their families safe. There were no deaths or major injuries.
>Neighbourhoods are getting together, sharing resources and food.
>In a very real way we are all reminded of the power of the Earth on which we stand.
And all these aftershocks? They are just further reminders of who really is in charge.


  1. Glad to hear damage was minimal and everyone is okay. You made a good choice staying put. It's a nice feeling to know that you can look after yourselves if need be.

    I wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog. I don't follow too many, but I follow yours and always jump to it first if there's a new post.

  2. Now I kind of know how to do this I can send you some comments.

    So glad things weren't too bad and you are all safe and well. Love to you all. T