What does your learning community look like?

"It is becoming clear that our ability as a society to meet the challenges we will be faced with in the near future will depend on our ability to learn. Our ability, as individuals and as a community, to remain curious, learn new skills and develop flexible ways of thinking will largely determine our resilience for the future that our children and grandchildren will grow up in to.
How do we free up our concepts of learning and education so that we as individuals, as families and as neighbourhoods can begin to actively learn together? For fun. For effective living. For necessity.
What does being part of a learning community look like to you?'

This is part of an article I wrote recently in the local paper.

I'm grateful to live in a community with a newspaper that I can share my enthusiasms in.
I'm happy to be actively working on what I am passionate about in the community I live in.
The spirit of service to the greater good is meaningful to me.
I'm the kinda girl who needs meaning.

NB: We just about accidentally trashed all of our photos today! Argh. Big mistake. We haven't quite retrieved the programme so we may be photoless for a bit.

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