This morning was one of those mornings.
The girls moved seamlessly from play to breakfast back to continuing their play.
The only trouble was, today was one of our town days.
I knew piano had to happen before we left. It just wasn't going to be easy when we got back.
Although I still feel quite a novice on our musical journey, I have learnt that the rhythm of daily practice does remove a lot of the struggle.
It becomes just something we do.
It becomes part of the family culture.

But then again, you know how it is when the children are so deeply engaged with their play.
It's a beautiful thing.
I generally don't disturb their work.
That's part of our family culture too.

I dithered and kept busy with lunch prep but there was no getting away from the fact that the time was creeping up on us.
I turned and asked the girls:"How are we going to do this, Your Majesty? We need to go soon but we also have piano we need to do."
Aha, of course, they had the answer:
"Oh yes!" said Ruby in haughty tones. " We must play for the guests before they leave." And off they went to the piano.

So often it seems the art is in managing those transitions.
The Royal piano concert morphed into practicing their current pieces with lightness and ease.
When they have a part in deciding how the transitions will happen, even when they don't know it, they work well.....

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